We're Donating Our Online Honey Shop April Profits To The NCC

Sunday April 22 marks Earth Day 2018. In honour of this, we’re delighted to announce that we’ll be donating all of our online honey sales profits this month to Nature Conservancy Of Canada.

What Is Earth Day?

Earth Day began in 1970 as a network of people that aimed to diversify, educate and activate the environmental movement worldwide. And boy have they managed to achieve that goal! Today, Earth Day is observed by over 1 billion people worldwide. It is the day of the year for everyone to focus on the environmental issues affecting our world and help do what we can to keep our beautiful planet, and its inhabitants, live and healthy.

What Do The Nature Conservancy Of Canada Do?

If you’ve not heard of Nature Conservancy Of Canada (NCC), they are a charity who do great work protecting Canada’s land, flora and wildlife. From ensuring large mammals, like moose, are as healthy as can be, to tracking numbers of the tiniest frogs and grasses, all of which support a healthy Canadian ecosystem. The variety of work they do is why we have chosen to support them throughout April.  

Why Are We Donating Our Honey Profits?

Photo credit: Allison Seto

Photo credit: Allison Seto

As Canadian beekeepers, we of course care about the wellbeing of bees, but the wellbeing of those bees is dependent on the state of the environment as a whole. The end goal of Earth day, in our view, is to ultimately improve the environment, reduce human impact, and by extension, preserve nature. The greatest motivation for our company to succeed and grow is to do good for our world. We are a small company making relatively tiny contributions, but our goal is to truly make impactful and positive change for this little blue planet we call home. When the Three Foragers family first began our honey business, we knew we wanted to do it as naturally as possible. On every jar of our Raw Creamed Honey, you can see the sentence “Keep the world green and wild”. And that’s what we live by. It’s the reason why we package our honey in glass jars, it’s why we use paper labels, and why we proudly produce honey. In the coming weeks we will share a blog on why honey is actually one of the most sustainable food products in the world!

If you too, want to play a role in the protection of the wonderful environment we all call home, head to our Shop page and add a jar (heck, add a few jars) of delicious Canadian creamed honey to your basket. Every cent of profit made from online sales this month will be going straight to the NCC to support the great work they’re doing across Canada. If you’re celebrating Earth Day in other ways too, we’d love to hear about. Let us know on Facebook!

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