Honey Gifts For Your Sweet Honey This Valentine's Day

February is upon us, and that means Valentine’s Day is sneaking up. This year, get those you care about something different, something special, something other than the classic chocolates and flowers you gave last year. Why not give your sweet honey some sweet honey gifts this Valentine’s Day from Three Foragers Bee Co?

Why Honey?

Honey has been given as a gift for special occasions for as long as recorded history. Honey was used as a gift in Ancient Egypt where it was given to gods and buried in tombs alongside many other precious artifacts.

Photo credit: Andy Lam

Photo credit: Andy Lam

In the 11th century, Germans would give their lords honey and beeswax as gifts.

It’s also gifted during the Jewish Holiday of Rosh Hashana when apples are dipped in honey to welcome in the new year. Honey really is a beautiful and universal gift to show people care and affection.

Have you ever wondered where the term “honeymoon” comes from? It has its roots back in the 5th century when newlywed couples drank mead, a honey-based beverage after their wedding. It seems like honey and romance are meant to be together!

Raw honey from Three Foragers Bee Co. is an elegant gift that shows your loved ones you care. Its versatility in the kitchen and long shelf life give the gift a lasting, loving impression. Every time your sweetheart uses it, they will be reminded of the simple and kind gesture from you this Valentine’s Day.

Sweet Treats For Your Honey

Honey Caramels are a tasty addition to any honey gift. Coming in 3 different flavours, made with simple ingredients and compostable packaging, feel free to indulge guilt-free.

Photo credit: Allison Seto

Photo credit: Allison Seto

Where To Buy

Orders for our raw and creamed honey and honey caramels can be made from our online store. We can also be found in numerous stores throughout Canada, and here is a full list of stores carrying Three Foragers raw honey. If your loved ones enjoy their honey gift, we’d love to hear about it! Post it in the comments below or on our Facebook page. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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