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Honey is a living food.

Did you know honey contains beneficial enzymes, vitamins, and nutrients, which is what makes it so good for both bees and people?

So why mess with that?

We are the harvesters, the packers, and the beekeepers.
We seek out the best flowers in the Canadian prairies for our bees to create a honey with unmatched flavour and texture.
We keep our honey raw, pure, unblended, and unprocessed.
We even produce delicious honey caramel candies too, for an extra indulgent Canadian honey treat.

Bees make honey amazing. We keep it that way.

Three Foragers Beekeeper

Three generations of beekeepers + the hardworking forager bee = Three Foragers Bee Co.

In everything we do, we aim to take only what nature can replenish. Our mission is to make the world greener and wilder. The less damage we do to the environment around us, the happier and healthier our planet’s bees remain.

We are obsessed with foraging for the best possible honey and hive products that nature has to offer. Each and every jar of raw or creamed honey, block of wax, chunk of propolis and slab of comb honey has been produced by our bees, allowing us to ensure quality at every step, from the beehive to your home.

Three Foragers Bee Co. is nestled among the open fields and pastures north of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan and on the beautiful east coast of Vancouver Island, British Columbia. 

Our Bees


Our raw honey is exactly that - raw. At Three Foragers Bee Co. we never blend our honeys with any other sources. This way we keep all the good stuff in the jar which allows the true flavour of the flowers to shine through.

Our bees produce honey foraged from alfalfa, sweet clover, and wildflowers to make a premium honey for consumers who are conscious about the quality of their food and recognize the importance of eating wholesome, unprocessed, and environmentally conscious products.


Live Green, eat wild.

Nourish the growth of
sustainable food.